George...The Ghost in the Machine?

Introducing George

George is an on-going collaboration between Televirtual's Medialab, and Icogno, the UK artificial Intelligence company, headed by Rollo Carpenter.

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Icogno's character George is an advanced form of chatbot - a language-learning Artificial Intelligence, able to interpret and imitate the written responses of a real human being.

George is also a current world leader in this field, having triumphed in the 2005 Loebner Prize, a form of Turing Test. George was judged the 'most human' program.

Because George is also a Televirtual Virtual Human, his capability as a communicator exceeds that of a conventional chatbot. George can speak his questions and responses, and understand the spoken responses and requests of others, be they human or computer.

Perhaps more impressively, George can also generate moods and emotions, and employ gesture, expression and overall body language.

Collection of 3 pictures of George using some of his experesions

George is therefore a performer, and an entertainer. He learns from interaction with real people (visit Icogno).

And the more he learns, the more entertaining he becomes.

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George and the next generation of AI individuals, benefit from Televirtual's developer partnership with Nuance, the world leader in provision of computer generated speech and speech recognition systems.


  1. Radio Norfolk Interview - March 8 2006 2.8Mb (MP3) - Copyright BBC Radio Norfolk