RAP System

RAP stands for Real-time Animation Pipeline.

Televirtual's award winning performance animation software is a cutting-edge suite of modular software which addresses the very latest Windows PC hardware with routines and drivers for rendering, controlling and empowering everything from 3D cartoon characters to photo-realistic avatars.

RAP may import from avatar-building systems, such as DiGimask, and has also integrated a variety of Natural Language Science applications, allowing real-time speech generation.

Up to 80 facial expressions can also be controlled and created on the fly, making it the most powerful known live broadcast animation system currently on the market. Content from all standard 3D modelling and design packages, may be exported into RAP, but the export relationship is especially compatible with MAYA.

In the UK, prototype versions of RAP have already operated an entire programme presentation system on Channel 4.

Latest production versions can demonstrate control, display and simultaneous operation of multiple characters.

RAP is not only a real-time display and puppeteering programme, but a uniquely powerful device for creating large volumes of low-cost, high fidelity 3D animation.

Its in-built, off-line renderer allows the user to generate content in real-time, and then render out in full-quality uncompressed video frames. In a typical example; high fidelity frames of around 4 megabytes per file may be rendered at over 10 fps by a single computer, with no necessity to engage expensive render farms. In this fashion a RAP animation system may be partnered with a non-linear edit system such as AVID, to provide first quality ready-for-use animated sequences.

RAP versions of existing 3D characters can be readily and economically imported into the system together with their characteristic movement and expression libraries.

In RAP form they will be capable of taking part in live promotional activities, such as TV interviews, or for use as programme interstitials.

RAP is available under license, on a production-by-production basis, together with the comprehensive support of our development and production teams.

For licence terms, call

Tim Child
Founder and Managing Director - Televirtual
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