R&D Projects

In 2007 Televirtual MediaLab will propose a major new technical research project as part of the EU IST programme FP7.

The PANTALONE project is a roadmap for next generation drama production for TV and emergent new media.

As well as being a high-tech production centre, Televirtual functions as an R&D facility, both on its own account and working on behalf of clients. Televirtual has been a full partner in five European collaborative projects and has carried out a number of research projects for blue-chip UK clients, in the fields of entertainment and communications. European partners include Universities, research institutes, and companies both large and small.

Televirtual has a prominent developer role as content provider for next generation mobile computing platforms, such as 3G phones. Our collaborators can be found as far afield as Greece or close at hand in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on London's South Bank. Some project work is subject to client confidentiality, but wherever possible we have detailed our recent or current activities in the following sections.

Any organisation which wishes to propose collaboration with Televirtual should email tim@televirtual.comEmail